Sample code


This section provides sample code for using the MovieGlu APIs.

  • curl
  • PHP
  • More coming soon.


This is probably the most basic way for you to return data from our API.  It basically allows you to send the request and http headers via a command line.

If you haven’t used curl before, here are a couple of good introductions:

and you can download it from here:


curl "" -H "api-version: [VERSION]" -H "Authorization: [BASIC AUTHENTICATION]" -H "x-api-key: [API-KEY]" -H "device-datetime: [DATE-TIME]" -H "territory: [TERRITORY]" -H "client: [USERNAME]"


Don’t forget to your own credentials – these are just sample credentials.

curl "" -H "api-version: v200" -H "Authorization: Basic A1B2c3D4E5f6H7I8j911M12=" -H "x-api-key: IyrBUDT7CuTTc6LH85mI5aAoG8" -H "device-datetime: 2018-09-26T10:45:30.147Z" -H "territory: UK" -H "client: NGIS_UK"


Our PHP sample code can be found in our public github repository: