Quick start guide (v2)


To get started, we recommend you try out our APIs either with:

  • Postman or a similar application, or
  • Dive straight in, and use our sample code as a shortcut.

Please note that our evaluation API allows you to access data for only the country you selected when you requested the API key.  Once you have evaluated it from a technical perspective, we would be pleased to discuss our coverage in other countries.

Get your Evaluation API Key

First of all, you will need to request an API key.  You will then receive an email containing the access credentials required.

Request Limits

You will be sent two sets of credentials:

  • Evaluation – real data for the country selected via our web form ‑ Limited to 75 requests
  • Sandbox – free test data in our sandbox environment ‑ Limited to 10,000 requests

If you would like to discuss our pricing, please visit our Contact page.

You will receive a HTTP 429 response if you exceed your quota.

Postman users

We have created a set of sample Postman files for you to import – including Environment, Collection and Globals.  All of our APIs are already set up for you – you just need to add in your access credentials, and you’re ready to go.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you change all of the placeholder variables in your environment, otherwise it won’t work!

Sample code

We have created a set of sample code – you just need to add in your own credentials, and you’re ready to go.

Target URL


* Note – the final / is very important.

Required headers and values

You can find the required [values] for the Header fields below, in your email with subject: “Your MovieGlu API access credentials”.

  • client: [Username]
  • x-api-key: [API Key]
  • authorization: [Basic Authentication]
  • territory: [Two character country code] for example ‘UK’
  • api-version: v200
  • geolocation: lat;lng (Note the use of a semicolon. See documentation for further details)
  • device-datetime: [Use ISO 8601 format, for example: 2018-09-14T08:30:17.360Z]

Please refer to our Headers and Responses page for full details.

Requesting an individual API

Example: https://api-gate2.movieglu.com/filmsNowShowing/?n=10

See our sample code for further details.


If you run into problems when attempting to request an API response, there are two key places to look for more information:

  • The response status code (Status)
  • The response header (MG-message).

Common causes for these codes and messages are described on this page (about half way down).

Generating content

The first thing you’ll want to do is to get a list of film ID’s and cinema ID’s.  We don’t publish a list, but they are easy to obtain from the APIs.

Once you have those basic details, you’ll very quickly be able to pass the results into subsequent requests.


Full documentation for each API available, and associated query parameters can be found here.

There are also a selection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.