GET filmLiveSearch


Returns film titles matching search string – useful for search as you type or standard search. List is ordered by popularity using a count of number of showtimes in database. For ‘search as you type’, send a request after every character entered in your app’s search field.

Example request


Recommendation: If you are using this feature to implement a “Search as you type” solution, we recommend that you implement a short delay before submitting the request, to detect if the user has stopped typing.

Required headers

Sent headerDescriptionData typeOptional / Mandatory

Sent Arguments

Sent argumentDescriptionData typeOptional / Mandatory
query The search string to be queries (URL enoded), for example query=star+wars. You can submit a search for one or more characters.StringMandatory
nLimit the number of returned results. Default is 5, System max is 25.IntegerOptional


The returned data can be cached.

Returned data

Returned KeyDescription
filmsArray – containing details of films matching search criteria
film_idThe MovieGlu numeric internal film ID
film_nameThe film name
imdb_id (deprecated)The IMDB film ID (this field will be removed in the next API version)
imdb_title_idThe IMDB ID for the film title as used in IMDB URLs in the format tt#######.
Recommended use: Concatenate URL “” and “imdb_title_id”, for example
other_titlesOther titles that may exist, for example in another language, preceeded by the ISO language, eg EN, FR or ES
XXOther titles that may exist, for example in another language
XX denotes ISO language code, eg EN, FR or ES
release_dateThe release date of the film in format YYYY-MM-DD
notesIn the United States, this includes information such as previews and releases in different cities
timescountThe number of showtimes in the MovieGlu database for this film
durationThe duration in minutes for each film
ratingAge rating for film
age_rating_imageAge rating image location (where available)
age_rating_imageDescriptive text accompanying age rating (where available)
imagesLocation and details of primary images for film.
Please refer to the GET Images for format.
NOTE: Only the film poster and one still will be returned.

Example response

            "film_id": 277058,
            "imdb_id": 3829266,
            "imdb_title_id": "tt3829266",
            "film_name": "The Predator: An IMAX 3D Experience",
            "other_titles": {
                "EN": "The Predator: An IMAX 3D Experience"
            "release_dates": [
                    "release_date": "2018-09-13",
                    "notes": "GBR"
            "timescount": 1405,
            "duration": 101,
            "age_rating": [
                    "rating": "15 ",
                    "age_rating_image": "",
                    "age_advisory": "strong bloody violence, gory images, language"
            "images": {
                "poster": {
                    "1": {
                        "image_orientation": "portrait",
                        "region": "US",
                        "medium": {
                            "film_image": "",
                            "width": 200,
                            "height": 300
                "still": {
                    "2": {
                        "image_orientation": "landscape",
                        "medium": {
                            "film_image": "",
                            "width": 300,
                            "height": 199
    "status": {
        "count": 3,
        "state": "OK",
        "method": "filmLiveSearch",
        "message": null,
        "request_method": "GET",
        "version": "ZUPIv200",
        "territory": "UK",
        "device_datetime_sent": "2018-09-14T09:26:34.793Z",
        "device_datetime_used": "2018-09-14 09:26:34"