GET closestShowing


Returns the nearest cinema showing the film, regardless of time and date, for a given film and location.

Example request


Required headers

Sent headerDescriptionData typeOptional / Mandatory
geolocationGeolocation of end user, used to calculate distance of cinema from user. Format must be lat;lon for example 51.510391;-0.13013 Latitude and LongitudeMandatory

Sent Arguments

Sent argumentDescriptionData typeOptional / Mandatory
film_idThe MovieGlu numeric internal film IDIntegerMandatory
nLimit the number of returned results. Default is 5, System max is 20.IntegerOptional


The returned data should not be cached.

Returned data

Returned KeyDescription
film_idThe MovieGlu numeric internal film ID
imdb_id (deprecated)The IMDB film ID (this field will be removed in the next API version)
imdb_title_idThe IMDB ID for the film title as used in IMDB URLs in the format tt#######.
Recommended use: Concatenate URL “” and “imdb_title_id”, for example
film_nameThe film name
XXOther titles that may exist, for example in another language
XX denotes ISO language code, eg EN, FR or ES
cinemasArray – Cinemas showing requested film in distance order
cinema_idThe MovieGlu numeric internal cinema ID
cinema_nameThe cinema name
addressCinema address line 1
address2Cinema address line 2 (where available)
cityCinema city
countyCinema county
postcodeZip code or post code
latCinema latitude
lngCinema longitude
distanceDistance from user’s geolocation (if provided in header)
logo_urlLocation of logo image for cinema (generally available for chains 4 or more cinemas, not all countries)
dateDate of closest showing
timeTime of closest showing

Example response

    "film_id": 227902,
    "imdb_id": 3829266,
    "imdb_title_id": "tt3829266",
    "film_name": "The Predator",
    "other_titles": {
        "EN": "The Predator"
    "cinemas": [
            "cinema_id": 8922,
            "cinema_name": "Vue Cinemas - Shepherds Bush",
            "address": "West 12 Shopping and Leisure Centre",
            "address2": "Shepherds Bush Green",
            "city": "London",
            "county": "Greater London",
            "postcode": "W12 8PP",
            "lat": 51.50893,
            "lng": -0.21998,
            "distance": 1.6461926320075,
            "logo_url": "",
            "date": "2018-09-14",
            "time": "23:35"
            "cinema_id": 23530,
            "cinema_name": "Vue Cinemas - Westfield",
            "address": "Ariel Way - Westfield Shopping Centre",
            "address2": "",
            "city": "London",
            "county": "Greater London",
            "postcode": "W12 7GF",
            "lat": 51.507721,
            "lng": -0.22106,
            "distance": 1.6908886525841,
            "logo_url": "",
            "date": "2018-09-14",
            "time": "15:45"
  "status": {
        "count": 5,
        "state": "OK",
        "method": "closestShowing",
        "message": null,
        "request_method": "GET",
        "version": "MGv200",
        "territory": "UK",
        "device_datetime_sent": "2018-09-14T14:48:51.069Z",
        "device_datetime_used": "2018-09-14 14:48:51"