Sandbox Environment


The MovieGlu API Sandbox environment contains test data which remains consistent at all times, while the production data is constantly changing.

The Sandbox is free to use for personal and educational purposes, and included with commercial licences.  You automatically get keys for the Sandbox environment when you request a trial API key for real data.

The concept of a Sandbox is used in software development to isolate real world code and data from development environments.

We thought it would be fun to create our sandbox with sand-related film names (e.g. Dune), while the test cinemas are all based in a desert.  For this reason we chose to locate our cinemas in the desert of Namibia.

  • Our Sandbox uses 100% identical code to that which runs our Production environment
  • The test data is created to reflect real world scenarios, including showtimes, and film types
  • All API endpoints can be developed and tested using this environment.

Films / Movies

Here is a list of valid film ID’s and titles in the Sandbox:

1685The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
2756Max Max
3427From Dusk Till Dawn
4167Woman in the Dunes
6650The English Patient
7772Raiders of the Lost Ark
8675Lawrence of Arabia – 70mm
21448Three Kings
59906There will be Blood
62407The Fall
184126The Martian

Cinemas / Movie theaters

Here is a list of valid Cinemas in the Sandbox.

If you are testing nearby cinemas, we recommend you use this gelocation: -22.0;14.0

cinema_idcinema nameAddressLocation (Latitude | Longitude)Link
8842Cinema 1Big Daddy-24.768314 | 15.303885
8845Cinema 2Deadvlei-24.759233 | 15.292389
8910Cinema 3Dune 45-24.731020 | 15.471640
8930Cinema 4Hiddenvlei-24.748602 | 15.335606
9435Cinema 5Sesriem Canyon-24.519194 | 15.790539
10636Cinema 6Jetty-22.680721 | 14.519094
42963Cinema 7Welwitschia Plains-22.669146 | 15.028214
45353Cinema 8Eduard Bohlen-23.996033 | 14.457391


The map below shows where the individual cinemas listed above are located.  Please ensure that you don’t try to use your own Geolocation.

Here are the bounds of the area allowed when passing your geolocation:

  • Northernmost Latitude: -21.0
  • Southernmost Latitude: -25
  • Easternmost Longitude: 16.0
  • Westernmost Longitude: 13.0