MovieGlu provides easy-to-use widgets for the more common uses of our data.

Typically, you’ll need an experienced developer to implement our APIs to add movie and movie theater data to your website.

However, to use our widgets, you simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your website, and we take care of the rest.  You can either customise the CSS yourself, or we can do it for you.

Examples of where our widgets are useful:

  • Searching for movie theaters by zip/post code, city, state, theater name
  • Distributors displaying showtimes, one movie at a time
  • Showtimes for individual movie theaters, for example in a shopping mall website
  • Providing details about individual films – synopsis, images, cast, crew.

You can choose to use our standard widgets, or we can build a bespoke solution for you to your exacting needs – please contact us for details.


The following links provide demonstration pages that illustrate the widget’s features.

Single movie theaters:

Single movies:

The widget can be used for any cinema, in any supported country.

CSS Options

  • In most cases the widget automatically inherits your website CSS by default
  • Basic CSS can be over-ridden by you within our script
  • You can deploy and manage the CSS on your website, and instruct the widget to use your own styles (we provide documentation).


  1. Request an API key.
  2. Wait for our email (check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive within 2-3 mins).
  3. Contact MovieGlu support, providing the following details:
    • Your unique “Client” ID – You can find this in the email
    • The website domain(s) you will use to implement the widget (please ensure you provide a full domain, including sub-domains where appropriate)
    • Ensure you ask for our “Widget implementation guide”.
  4. Our team will white list your domain, and send you our Implementation Guide within two working days.