Terms of use

Evaluation licence

If you have requested an API Key for evaluation purposes, then the following conditions apply:

  • You are only allowed to use the APIs for evaluation purposes
  • A limit exists on the number of API requests you may make – you may request increases by contacting support@movieglu.com
  • Only one account used per project (you may not register multiple accounts)
  • You may only use the APIs to perform some basic development as proof of suitability for your intended purpose
  • The data retrieved from the APIs must not be used or published to members of the public in any way, including on websites, apps, or other media
  • You must not download any data (including images or trailers) for storage on your own servers – all data must be retrieved from the APIs
  • MovieGlu shall have the right to inspect any product before it is released to its end users
  • The evaluation service is designed to demonstrate the features and data available via the API; as such MovieGlu does not provide any guarantees with regards to availability.

Full terms of use

Following your evaluation period, please contact a member of our team to discuss your full requirements.