Request prices

The MovieGlu API is a commercial product. Our pricing structure varies based on location and usage.

You can register for a free API key which allows 75 requests with real data, and unlimited requests in our Sandbox environment.

To request a price, please email, and include answers to the following questions:

1. Is this your first movie industry related app?

2. Are you building it for your own business, or for a third-party business?

3. Do you have a website – if so, please provide the URL?

4. If it is for a customer of yours:

    1. a) What is their business name?
      b) Are they already in the film / cinema business?
      c) Do they have a website – if so, please provide the URL?

5. How many requests do you expect to require on a monthly basis?  (Please note: you are not permitted to store data on your own servers – see below)

6. When do you plan to launch the service?

7. Please can you describe the service in as much detail as possible?

8. Which countries are you interested in initially?

Why can’t I store data on my own server?

Our terms of use require you to request the data as needed, rather than collect it all once per day, and then store it locally in your own database.  You’re allowed to cache it on end-user’s devices so if they’ve already made the request once, and go back to it in the same session, we don’t force you to re-request the identical data.

We do this to make sure it’s fair to all our customers – the ones that use our data a lot because they have a lot of traffic, pay more than those who only have a small number of users on their site.   If we charged everyone our introductory price and allowed them to store it for unlimited use, we’d be out of business pretty quickly!

There’s a lot of work that goes into ensuring that the APIs are reliable and the data is collected properly – so we think it’s only fair that business pay according to their usage.

Our API’s are very fast, and most respond in less than 500ms, and we’re always working on ways to reduce latency and our availability is usually 100%.

Using our APIs directly means that:

  • You don’t need to create a special database
  • You always get the latest showtimes (we get updates 4-5 times per day)
  • You don’t have to worry about building the business rules and writing new code
  • We take care of the difference between Standard, 3D and IMAX showtimes
  • We only provide upcoming showtimes (old ones are automatically removed from the API)
  • Deep links to movie theaters will always go to the correct booking page (you may send your users to the wrong place if you don’t use the latest data).