Images and trailers


MovieGlu makes available a range of images for each film.  These are either posters or production stills released by the distributors.


Posters may be in two formats: Landscape or Portrait.  In the United States, these are always in Portrait format.  In the United Kingdom, posters may be either Landscape or Portrait.  Our APIs identify the orientation and size of all images.

Image filenames denote UK vs US posters:

  • xxxxxxU1.jpg = UK poster (landscape or portrait) – only available in “medium” size
  • xxxxxx%1.jpg = US poster (portrait) – available in all sizes, where % varies depending on size provided.

Due to this inconsistency, we recommend that UK users make use of the first “Still” image (numbered xxxxxx-2) in place of the poster.  Still images are always landscape format.  Displaying the still image, with the film name underneath is generally accepted to be a good compromise. We are  currently in discussions with a key partner to standardise the orientation of UK posters and provide other sizes.


We provide as many still as possible depending on what has been made available by the distributors.  For very widely anticipated films, this may be up to 20 images of varying sizes.  Each individual image has a unique identifier, and then is made available in multiple sizes.

SizeLongest edge
Small300 px (Typically 150 x 100)
Medium300 px (Typically 300 x 200)
Large500 px (Typically 500 x 333)
X Large1000px (Typically 1000 x 666)
XX Large1500px (Typically 1500 x 1000)


The number of trailers released before a film depends on it’s anticipated popularity, and the film studio involved.

In most cases, there is only one trailer for films on general release.  For limited release films we may not always be able to obtain a trailer.

For widely anticipated films there may be two or more trailers.  Our APIs provide all available trailers.   Where a trailer specific to your country is available, then we will provide that version, however where we don’t have a country specific trailer, we will provide you with the United States trailer as a fall back default.

Trailers are provided in MP4 format, in High and Medium sizes.   We are currently working on obtaining HD versions of trailers, and hope to make them available in the coming months.