Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use your APIs?

In general terms, the price will vary according to:

  • which of our APIs you would like to use
  • the number of requests you are anticipating
  • which country or countries you require data for
  • the purpose of your end product.

Please see our Contact page for further details.

Does the API support ticket bookings?

The API GET purchaseConfirmation provides URL links to cinema web pages.

When you pass cinema_id, film_id, date and time in the Sent Arguments, the response displays a URL which is either:

  • a deep link URL directly to the shopping basket, with the cinema film, date and time already pre-populated (majority of cases)
  • a general link to the now showing page on the cinema’s website (if deep link is not available)

Our API does not support booking or purchasing tickets.   Most cinemas prefer their customers to book directly on their websites or via their own apps, and do not make booking APIs available externally.  If you wish to integrate directly with a cinema, you will need to contact the cinema directly.

Why do you sometimes only have showtimes for 3 or 4 days in advance?

Cinemas plan their weekly schedules from Friday to Thursday.

On a Friday the information will usually be available 7 days ahead. However on a Monday morning it’s likely that there will only be information up to and including Thursday. During the day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we receive updates from every movie theater for the following week (starting Friday). So it may be that we have information for as much as 9 days ahead on a Wednesday.  In general, here are the number of days ahead that showtimes are made available: Monday 4, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 9, Thursday 8, Friday 7, Saturday 6, Sunday 5.

Occassionally film showtimes are made available many weeks ahead for anticipated blockbusters or other popular releases.

Why won’t my API request work?

We usually return a status code with each response (assuming that you are using the correct URL of course).  The status code will indicate the likely cause for the problem.  Please refer to our list of Response Status Codes on our Headers and Responses page.

Can I cache your responses?

You can cache responses on individual clients / devices if the Expires field in the Response header shows a date/time later than the current time. If the date/time is before the current time, then you should not cache the data.

Expires –> Wed, 08 Feb 2020 16:30:00 GMT

You are not allowed to store our data on your own servers.