GET trailers


Returns URL’s for the trailers for a single specific film.

Example request


Required headers

Sent headerDescriptionData typeOptional / Mandatory

Sent Arguments

Sent argumentDescriptionData typeOptional / Mandatory
film_idThe MovieGlu numeric internal film IDIntegerMandatory


The returned data can be cached.

Returned data

Returned KeyDescription
film_idThe MovieGlu numeric internal film ID
film_nameThe film name
trailersObject – Containing trailer information
qualityArray – name varies depending on quality displayed (High or Medium)
film_trailerLocation of latest trailer released for film
trailer_imageLocation of suggested image for trailer overlay
versionVersion number (where multiple trailers have been released, highest number being the most recent trailer version)
qualityHigh, medium
regionLocal trailer, eg UK. If not availble then a default trailer from the US is provided.

Example response

  "film_id": 123441,
  "film_name": "Ghostbusters",
  "trailers": {
    "high": [
        "film_trailer": "",
        "trailer_image": "",
        "version": 1,
        "quality": "high",
        "region": "UK"
    "med": [
        "film_trailer": "",
        "trailer_image": "",
        "version": 1,
        "quality": "med",
        "region": "US"