API Index (v1)


Once you have your API key, here are some documents to get started.

Quick start guideThe absolute basics you need to know to start getting data in just a few minutes.
Headers and ResponsesIntroductory documentation, providing an overview of how to setup your API requests, and handle responses.
Frequently Asked QuestionsA selection of some of the questions we get asked about the most.

Then you need the details of each of our APIs below.

Method nameDescription
GET filmsNowShowingReturns the top N films now showing, ordered by number of showtimes in database.
GET filmsComingSoonDisplays a list of films coming soon (sorted by popularity)
GET filmLiveSearchReturns film titles matching search string – useful for search as you type or standard search. List is ordered by popularity using a count of number of showtimes in database.
GET cinemaLiveSearchReturn the nearest cinemas matching a cinema name query, for example Showcase. Works best with geolocation (Optional) within 75 miles. Also works with query only, sorting alphabetically. Can be used in a Search As You Type feature.
GET filmDetailsReturns the metadata for a single specific film, including title, synopsis, cast, etc
GET cinemaDetailsReturns the metadata for a single specific cinema, including name, address, logo
GET cinemasNearbyReturn the nearest cinemas based on a specific geolocation.
GET cinemaShowTimesReturns showtimes based on combination of cinema, date and film. Results can be sorted by popularity or alphabetically.
GET filmShowTimesReturns film showtimes based on combination of film, geolocation and date within 75 miles. Results are sorted by distance.
GET closestShowingFor a given film and location, return the nearest cinema showing the film, regardless of time and date.
GET purchaseConfirmationReturns a URL deep link that links directly to cinema websites, with film, time and date selected.
GET imagesReturns URL’s for the images for a single specific film.
GET trailersReturns URL’s for the trailers for a single specific film.