APIs and Widgets for Movies, Theaters and Showtimes.

A range of APIs from films now showing, to today’s showtimes at your nearest movie theater.

We also offer widgets, which you can embed in your website with only a few lines of code.

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Why use MovieGlu Why use MovieGlu

Our APIs are used by a range of businesses from startups to established brands.

The MovieGlu team has been analysing the behaviour and needs of movie-goers since 2010, while introducing new approaches around searching for and displaying showtimes.

Our APIs are built into websites and apps, and used by millions of people every month.


Easy to use APIs

Our documentation helps you set up your requests and get coding within minutes


Global coverage

Film and cinema data for over 60 countries worldwide, including trailers, images, synopses and cast lists


Fast & Reliable

Our APIs use Amazon’s highly reliable AWS infrastructure for hosting, content delivery and caching


Digital out of home

Used to promote live showtimes on Digital Signage near cinemas



Multiple films, cinemas and showtimes


Mobile apps

Instant responses to API requests from consumer apps

Discover our APIs

Browse our index of APIs, and discover the wide range of data you can retrieve.  We also create bespoke APIs too, contact us for more details.

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Overview of MovieGlu’s APIs

  • Now showing
    A list of the most popular films showing today
  • Coming soon
    Popular films with forthcoming release dates
  • Film search
    Search by film title (inc. search as you type)
  • Cinema search
    Search by cinema name (inc. search as you type)
  • Film details
    Synopsis, cast, release date, etc
  • CInemas nearby
    The nearest cinemas based on user’s geolocation
  • Cinema showtimes
    Showtimes for all films showing at specified cinemas
  • Film showtimes
    A list of all cinemas showing a particular film near you
  • Images
    Stills taken from the film, in a range of sizes
  • Trailers
    Mulitple trailers in different sizes
  • Deep links
    Link directly to the booking page of cinemas
  • Cinema chain logos
    Help users visually identify their favourite chain

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